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Round mountains wall sign - colorful string art DIY kit

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Full/Basic/Express kit

Round mountains string art DIY kit for kids and adults alike! Will be a joyful activity for everyone who likes to craft or travel. After some simple step by step instructions and few hours of crafty time your sign will be ready to be hanged on your wall!


🔨FULL KIT - contains everything you need to make your string art sign, you just open the box and find all the tools to make your masterpiece - hammer and pliers, nails, wood base, strings, instructions, pattern, and even hangers to later hang it on the wall. The only thing you need to have is scissors, scotch tape, and a cup of tea.

🔨BASIC KIT - is for those who have a small hammer and pliers at home. This kit does not include a hammer and pliers. It does include instructions, pattern, wood base, nails, and strings to make your chosen decor.

🔨EXPRESS KIT - is for those who are here for the stringing action and does not want to hammer. This kit contains a wood base with the nails neatly hammered in following the design you have chosen, strings to fill in the area, and hangers you can later add to your decor if you wish to hang it. You will also get instructions and tips on how to fill in the area and do the outline.


Each kit contains

- step by step instructions how to make the sign

- spruce wood base stained brown

- brass plated nails (for the express kit option nails are already nailed in)

- colorful cotton strings

- hammer and pliers (in case you chose the full kit option)


approx. 8x8 inches (20x20 cm)

Processing time

1-2 business days