• Renate

    Owner, Customer Service, Creator

    The idea creator, social media curator, the handy one with a hammer and colorful strings. Usually, the one who can spend hours and hours in online craft stores thinking about how to make new designs and update the ones we already have.

  • Kristaps

    Owner, Creator, Shipper

    He is the mastermind behind packaging and shipping your orders. Not only that, but he also is great with strings. His favorite designs to work with are silhouettes as they have only one colour to fill in :)

  • string art about us


    Assistant, Reminds Dad To Go To Post Office Daily

    The little person behind the scenes gladly helps with peeling the stickers and gluing labels on your orders. Each day she reminds her daddy that after dropping of her at kindergarten he should go to the post office and send out all the packages.

We love what we do.

Me - Renate - and Kristaps both come from an engineering background and we both felt the need of expressing our creative side by making and creating something from nothing...so we ended up making lamps from wood and some other scrap materials - old bike rims, empty wine bottles and who knows what else will be there.

I also enjoy hammering so quite naturally came the string art decorations, key, and jewelry hangers. We try to use modern designs to light up each room where the decoration is placed. With time I realized that making string art decors is the perfect way how to relieve stress so we started not only to make string art decors but also offer string art supplies and string art kits for adults and kids to make their own string art wonders and enjoy the calming process.

Each product that comes out of our workshop is not only high quality but also super loaded with fun emotions and good vibes... and for sure is unique in its own way.

We are thrilled that somebody is liking our designs so much that they invest in buying them - that is the best compliment a maker can get. With each order, our heart grows a bit bigger and our smile definitely grows wider.