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Small candy corn string art pattern - digital download

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Small candy corn string art pattern digital download - available just seconds after you have placed our order. Great string art pattern for beginners.

Suggested wood base size: 5.5x5.5 inches (14x14 cm)

This is a perfect string art project for Christmas time - the end result is really beautiful and perfect Christmas decoration or can be given as a small gift to friends or family.

Includes step-by-step instructions on how to make string art and a list of materials you need to gather in order to make your string art sign. 

We have also shared some tips and tricks that we believe help the crafting process.

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You will get an easy-to-print PDF file in your email:

string art pattern PDF file contains at least 6 pages with:

- Instructions
- Extra tips
- Pattern
- Color guide
- Target (example of result)
- Thank you coupon code


Suggested wood base size for this pattern is mentioned in the pattern description (just scroll up a bit)

Processing time

This is a digital download - after the payment processing is done, you will automatically receive the PDF file in your email.